I have just been tweeting back and forth with some other mile enthusiasts and thought that I would quickly share my recent experience with a ’hidden’ Club Carlson gold benefit for FREE LAUNDRY at a few European properties.

Earlier this month, I did a 25 night European tour, staying at several Club Carlson properties along the way.

It wasn’t until I was checking out of the Radisson Blu in Nice, France, that I noticed this ‘hidden’ benefit.  My wife had dry cleaned 2 pairs of shorts during our stay, as we had been on the road for a bit.  When we checked out, the front desk attendant looked at our folio, and said, ‘OK, two pieces of laundry, will of course be removed from your bill as you are a Club Carlson Gold member’…. WHAT?  This was news to me!  I promptly asked him to explain and he told me that you are allowed 1 piece of laundry/dry cleaning for free per night as a gold member.

I thought that I may have just been ‘out of the loop’… so I went to Twitter to ask @ClubCarlson what this was all about.  @ClubCarlson confirmed that while this is NOT a STANDARD benefit offered by the program in general, the property CAN offer this AT THEIR DISCRETION.

Twitter Convo with @clubcarlson re: laundry

Twitter Convo with @clubcarlson re: laundry

This was fantastic news to me as we had several more Club Carlson stays on our itinerary and our clothes were due to be washed again.

The second attempt I made at this benefit was at the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa, Dubrovnik Sun Gardens in Croatia.

Now, I will say, at the Dubrovnik property, there was some confusion about the benefit – at first they said I was entitled to one load of laundry, but not dry cleaning, however, they later came back to clarify that it was actually just one article.  Unfortunately for them, this was after they had already processed my load of laundry, which I ultimately got taken off my bill after some discussion.

So, I guess the lesson to be learned here is:

  1. Awesome benefit that you can take advantage of which is not publicized
  2. Make sure to clarify UP FRONT what the benefit is, as there is no website to point to that describes the benefit.  If there is confusion, they will likely try and make you pay for the difference.

Enjoy and stay snobby!