Miles, points and credit card rewards make me a luxury travel snob, and they can do the same for you (which is why I am here). My travel history includes 8 years and 30+ countries of what I refer to as “proper traveling” – travel outside of North America. Currently located in Oslo Norway, and exploring all the luxuries that Europe has to offer.

What I will blog about:

  1. LARGE rewards/bonuses in the travel points scene. I will define LARGE as having a cash value/potential (CV) of >$100USD, in my personal CV calc (everyone is different).
  2. Pictures from my luxury travels around the world

What I will NOT blog about:

  1. Personal items/random thoughts. I do not know you, and you do not know me. Lets keep it that way. I am here to help you and awe you with some luxuries that you cannot otherwise afford, not tell you when my flight is delayed in LHR. So, my vow is to not bother you with the trivial day-day tweets.
  2. MINOR point earning opportunities. If you are looking for a toolbar to download in order to get 100 United miles, go to a different blog. I don't sign up for those things, and neither do my readers. We go big on points, or we spend time doing other things.

We here at PointSnob hope that you follow along with our blog and become a snob yourself.

Stay Snobby!